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McGinley Dynamic Indicator for Intraday Trading

Moving average is one of the most commonly used technical indicator. Whenever we have to predict the future price trend of a particular share we use moving average.

For calculating MA, we add the price of the share for different days and then divide it by the number of days. As a result, we get the mean value. In short, we can say that we calculate the mean for future predictions. It appears like a moving line on the graph. Therefore it helps in knowing the support and the resistance level of the particular share. But we have to keep it in mind. While analyzing that these values are based on past price trends.

There are two different types of moving average we commonly use.

  1. Simple Moving Average
  2. Exponential Moving Average

We use the Simple Moving Average Technical Indicator when we target a particular time frame. Let’s say 10 days or 15 days or 30 days. Like that we use it for a specific time frame. Therefore we find it by calculating the mean of given price values over the number of mentioned days.

Exponential Moving Average Technical Indicator is better for new information. After all, it has more value when the price of the script is in recent days. Because it is a weighted average of script price and we can never ignore this value. The EMA is also known as an exponentially weighted moving average.

For EMA we usually say that there is no specific time frame to consider for getting its best results or calculating its performance. Because EMA usually varies depending upon the strategies in which we are using it. Therefore Analysts use it as a support and resistance line of the price trend. The stock’s moving average is one of the most important indicators to consider. The Senior Technical Analysts use it for intraday trading . As well as short term trading. It is mainly used is short term trading. Because it is based on short term price movement.

Our research analyst takes complete care of the trend line formed by applying the formula of the MA. As a result, the accuracy gets increased by the use of this indicator. Because it is always said in technical Analysis that history tends to repeat itself. As a result, we use this indicator’s in all our research of NSE listed scripts to give you the most significant result.

Moving Average

Features & Benefits

Reduce time lag

It reduces it the time lag of the data

Support and Resistance

Help identify areas of support and resistance

Act as an advantage

Acts as an advantage for other Technical Indicator’s .

Avoid Distortions

It avoids the mistake of misrepresenting the facts

Guidance on Cross Over

Gives details of crossover trend lines

Statistical Tool

Make use of data sets for making a prediction.


Standard M.V


  • Moving Average
  • Single Indicator Use
  • Quick Response
  • Intraday Based Trades
  • ***

Money Booster M.V


  • M.V + O.B.V + R.S.I
  • Triple Indicator applied
  • indicator based trades
  • Intraday Trades
  • Pivot Levels Support

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