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Welcome to The Trade Bond. We are a Sebi Registered stock market Advisor, and we provide advisory services in India. We are a one-stop solution for all your stock market-related queries.

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SEBI Registered Advisory

Your Reliable Stock Market Advisor

Sebi registered investment advisory owner - Nidhi Saxena

The Trade Bond is a SEBI-registered investment advisory with 5 years of Experience serving customers.

Our director is Miss Nidhi Saxena, and she has 12 years of invaluable Experience in the same field.

As stock market advisors, we pride ourselves on being a reliable source to provide trusted and well-researched advice.

At The Trade Bond, we offer stock market advice across all segments.

As a stock market advisor, we can assist you at every step and help you in achieving your target.

Short-Term Trading with Your Trusted Stock Market Advisor

Short-term trading is at its peak nowadays. However, the risk involved is very high. The willingness to get quick gains is rising. Therefore, proper research is fundamental before entering the trade. We have been working as a stock market advisor in this industry for a long time now. Thus, we have good experience in dealing with the challenges of day trading. In short-term trading duration, we have 3 parts: i.e., Day Trading, also known as intraday trading, BTST/STBT, and Swing Trading.

Stock Advisory Services for Intraday Trading


Equity Cash Tips

Maximize your Financial gains with an advisor’s analysis in the Equity Cash segment.


Stock Future Tips

Let a SEBI-registered advisor help out with trading tips for the future segment of the stock market.


Stock Option Tips

The certified Stock market advisor is here to assist you with trading tips in the options segment.


Nifty Option Tips

Get professional guidance and assistance from a SEBI-registered consultant for tips on nifty options.


Banknifty Option Tips

Research-based Tips and Recommendations by a Registered Stock market advisor.


INDEX Futures Tips

Trading in the Index future will be easier with our stock market expert’s research-based advice.

Comprehensive SEBI Registered Advisory and Trading Recommendations

How it works?


Risk Profile Assessment

As per your risk analysis form, we generate the suitability report.


Product Selection & Agreement

We proceed with product selection & sign a letter of engagement.



According to the product tenure, you proceed with making the payment.


Start Making Profits

Then the investment journey begins with trading tips in the stock market.

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What Our Customers Are Saying!

As an Intraday trader, I habitually marked multiple trades daily. But when I started working with them. They made me do only one trade a day. Thus, making one quality trade daily is better than four trades daily.

Manohar Lal

Pratapgarh, Rajasthan

Client's review for SEBI registered investment stock advisor.

Working with The Trade Bond was like having a personal research analyst who was always available to help and provide me with valuable trading recommendations in the stock market. I am satisfied with the results.

Mukesh Tripathi

Pune, Maharastra

The Trade Bond is more than just a stock advisory company. They literally gave me updates on market news and communicated with me about proper entry and exit into the market. I liked the fact that their research Analyst was available to solve all questions.


Vijaywada, Andra Pradesh

Frequently Asked Questions

What does being SEBI registered mean to clients?

Being registered with SEBI is a benefit of having your investments protected by a regulatory organization that oversees and meets high requirements. This means there will be less danger, professional advice, and assurance while making financial decisions.

Is registration granted by Sebi or certification by BASL a guarantee of getting profitable trades?

No, this is in no way a guarantee of getting profitable trades. A Registration granted by Sebi or certification by BASL has nothing to do with the Profitable trades.

What are advisory services in the stock market?

The service is when the professional investment advisor or research analyst helps you with your trading strategy creation and guides you with entirely created recommendations by doing technical and fundamental research analysis of the stock market.

How many years have you successfully completed as a SEBI Registered Stock Market Advisor?

We got our registration in March 2019. We have completed five successful years of being registered with Sebi.

Can I trust a SEBI-registered investment advisor?

Yes, you can trust a Sebi registered investment advisor as they have a particular way of managing regulatory complaints and following the guidelines made by my Sebi, which would be beneficial for both client and advisor.

Which is the best SEBI-registered investment advisor?

No one has the right to say they are the best SEBI-registered investment advisor. Because there is no such parameter to judge who India’s top registered investment advisor is. So, avoid falling into the fake claims of considering someone as the best.

Who is the SEBI registered advisor?

SEBI Registered investment advisor is a person or entity with valid certification and approval from SEBI to advise the client on investment decisions by observing the individual’s risk assessment.


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