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Best Investment Advisor and Tips Provider

  • THE TRADE BOND is the first company which brings the use of indicator and reports in front of you.
  • THE TRADE BOND does not hide the risk involved on trade with its investors. As it’s your hard-earned money and you should know the risk on your investment.
  • Our expert’s team is always there to guide you about our investment strategies to boost up your investment.
  • THE TRADE BOIND is profit earning platform not only for intraday traders but for holding traders also. We also help you in learning the market with deep studies on indicators.
  • Because of this reason We call our self Best Investment advisor and Tips Provider.



Profit matters?

When you are investing in shares you should learn what things to be kept in mind before putting your money. How can one succeed in making profits? what strategy to be followed?

Here we bring you a glimpse of that. The market is not only about prediction. But it is also about self-control, strategy, company reports, and your entry and exit time. Working with the best investment adviser   THE TRADE BOND will help you know the market in a new prospect.

The Trade Bond is a Sebi Registered  (INA100012570) Investment Advisor.

Best Investment Advisor and Tips Provider

Best Investment Advisor

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Best Investment Advisor and Tips Provider

We are the best Investment Advisor and Tips Provider because we do deep Technical and Fundamental Analysis. In order to generate the best tips in the Share market.

All that we do become the investment advisor is

  1. News Analysis –  Complete Analysis of News to generate the best recommendations in the share market. We always take care of every News that affects the movement of the shares.
  2. Technical Analysis – Analysis based on different indicators for Example Moving Average Technical Indicator/Bollinger Band technical Indicator/ AD Line, etc.
  3. Chart Analysis- Complete Analysis of stock price charts to have a perfect view of the upcoming trend of the chart.
  4. Fundamental Fact Check – We do track the complete Fundamental’s of the stock for Analysis example PE ratio, Balance Sheet etc.
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