If you think you cannot feel free with active trade in your Demat account or if you are afraid of intraday risk long term investment plans are for you. Start investing today with proper strategies and make profits on a long term basis. THE TRADE BOND has started this service especially for those who think the share market is not made for them. HAPPY INVESTING!!!!

What we Present

Over 1600 scripts to choose from.

If you think while buying shares for long term you don’t need much research, it is not so. There are more than 1600 scripts of companies listed in NSE while selecting a company for the investment you need to be very careful. While buying shares for long term you need to have proper research of the company where you are investing facts & figures quarterly results should be taken into considerations on a very serious note.

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Silver Chest

INR10000/ Mo

  • 1st-Indicator - MACD
  • 2nd-Indicator - ADX
  • 3rd-Indicator - MC-Ginley
  • Online Support

Golden Chest


  • 1st-Indicator - Stochastic Oscillator
  • 2nd-Indicator - Bollinger Band
  • 3rd-Indicator - AD-line
  • Online Support

Diamond Chest


  • 1st-Indicator - Ichimoku
  • 2nd-Indicator - Parabolic sar
  • 3rd-Indicator - Aroon
  • Online Support

Service Features

Highly Optimized

Be a tortoise and win the race of earning profit in your demat account. No panicking, no hurry grab easy profits

Sale is on

Buy stocks as you would

groceries, when they are

on sale.

Invest in Time

To get rich you are to be making money while you are asleep.

Secondary source

Never depend on single income. make investment to create secondary sources.

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