long term trading

Long Term Trading Tips

long term trading

Long Term Trading Tips


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We are the best long term services provider in India. Our research team are doing complete research and analysis work. Because we want you to book awesome profit in the coming years. Our research head believes that the best segment to trade in the stock market is long-term trading in Equity cash. According to her experience, It is safe to invest in the long term in comparison to intraday Trading. We do complete technical and fundamental research in order to provide the best tips. We would also like to show you some of the examples of long term trading . So, Please check the image mentioned below.

Long Term Trading

Long Term Trading Service

We are the best long term services provider in India. This service is mainly designed for low-risk traders. To build their capital in long term trading with best strategy with NSE (National Stock Exchange). The ROI  completely depends on the risk and reward ratio of the trader. The risk and reward ratio of the trader varies from person to person. We do best fundamental research in order to find out the stock that will work best in market in the coming years.

  • We provide you a completely framed recommendation.
  • You divide your capital and provide you 20-25 super performing stocks to hold in market.
  • Each and every recommendation includes single target and single stop loss.
  • Every recommendation is framed on the Basis of Fundamental Research Analysis.
  • We provide you market updates on regular intervals which helps you in tracking the market.
  • Special support executive will be assigned to you.
  • Complete follow up of all trades will be given by us.
  • Holding call will be given as per market circumstances.
  • We guide you the trading strategies of booking maximum profit from the market .
  • On an average we try to maintain a accuracy of more then 80% in our trades.
  • We give you sufficient time to enter and exit from the market.
  • Free Webinar session direct by our research head in order to solve your doubts.
  • Telephonic assistance is provided by us to all trader’s in all services.

Features & Benefits

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We create portfolio of 20-25 Stocks.And quarterly analysis of portfolio stock is done.To book awesome profit in your demat.

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All Tips are mainly generated in high volume stocks i.e large Cap Companies and mid-cap Companies.

best stock market tips provider


All important news is updated by us on our website. And accordingly, we do daily news analysis.

equity research analyst


We provide complete telephonic to all our premium customers. Which helps them in making a profit.

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Our all dedicated executive will support you instantly to provide you a resolution to all your query.

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We do strong fundamental research in order to provide you with fundamentally strong stocks.

best technical analyst in india


We do strong Technical research in order to provide you with technically strong stocks according to research.

best stock market analyst in india


As per your risk-bearing capacity, we provide you with the suitability report . and service accordingly.

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We provide you service for 22 trading sessions in a month and  66 trading session in a quarter.

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Long Term Trading

We generate long term trading tips and guide you best long term strategy. Trading in long term is of great advantage as it has low risk involved. Trader’s first choice for capital appreciation in the stock market is long-term trading. Let’s first understand it.


What is long term Trading?

Buying a stock and holding it for a long duration for example our a trader bought reliance in the year 2002 at Rs.48/- per share and sold it in the year 2021 @2131 and booked the profit. This type of trading is called long term trading. Long Term Trading has proved itself as the best tool to recover from the rate of inflation (Rate of inflation means the purchasing power of the individual )
Long-term trading or long-term investing in the share market will give a boost in your capital with respect to time. As we all see that with great speed time is changing continuously.
And it is very important for all of us to focus on our savings.
In the long run when we see that which investment instrument has given the best result over the past years in the Indian Stock Market.
then you will get only one answer to it which is the stock market.
And we have many examples which can prove this thing is real.

As the best long term services provider, we always focus on making a profit to the trader.

Long Term Trading Tips

If you are looking for those stocks which can give an awesome return in the market in the coming years then you are at the right place. As we have the best equity research analyst working with us.
She has a very good experience of working in this industry and has made many traders achieve their desired goal of capital appreciation. For generating the best tips for long term trading. Because of these, we are the best long term services provider in India.
It is very important to take care of perfect research and analysis. Therefore chose only the best equity research analyst in India.
Let us try to understand that all factors play the most important role. In generating the best long term trading tips.

Problem’s of a Trader with their Solution’s.

Don't know What is the correct strike price to buy ? When to buy ? When to sell?

Solution –

We guide you by providing you complete trade.

We assist you strike price and guide

When to buy when to sell.

Do not have time to do Technical and fundamental Research work.

Solution –

We do complete technical and fundamental research in order to assist you in the market.

What should be right investment according to my capacity ?

Solution –

We calculate your risk by doing your risk profile analysis and thus we generate a suitability report for you .

which helps you in understanding your capacity for investment.

What is the right time to enter and what is the right time to exit ?

Solution –

We provide you complete guidance on when to enter and when to exit.

What should be the right investment in every trade?

Solution –

We guide you a strategy of dividing the funds in equal parts and thus we tell you the right investment of every trade.

Complete day goes with zero results.

We track the market by giving our day and help you get the best results in less time.

What is the latest news which can effect my trade?

Solution –

Our team keeps a complete eye on each and every news of the market. Thus we help you in staying updated with every news.

What kind of effect will come in the market according to the latest news?

Solution –

Our researcher guides you with the trade according to the market.

which helps you in understanding the impact of the news.

What all factor's should I consider while marking a trade ?

We consider all possible factors like technical , fundamental, domestic market news, International Market News.Solution –

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