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We are the best stock option tips provider in India. Stock Options Intraday tips this service is mainly designed for low-risk traders. It is a safe option to trade we can rotate our capital and build it in a day trading itself from 1 – 5%. We mainly recommend blue-chip stocks and large-cap companies to our clients for day trading tips in NSE (National Stock Exchange).

Your ROI  completely depends on the indicators you choose. We bring to you the option to choose what should be your risk and reward ratio and tips on the basis of the indicators chosen by you. In order to make you the maximum profit.

best stock option tips


We are the Best Stock Option tips provider in India. This service is mainly designed for high-risk traders. To build their capital in intraday trading with options strategy with NSE (National Stock Exchange). The ROI completely depends on the risk and reward ratio of the trader. The risk and reward ratio of the trader varies from person to person.

  • We provide you a completely framed recommendation with the exact strike price on which you need to enter to book profit.
  • On every trading session, you will get 1 or 2 recommendations.
  • Every recommendation includes a single target and single stop loss.
  • Every recommendation is framed based on Research Analysis.
  • We provide you daily market updates which help you in tracking the market.
  • A special support executive will be assigned to you.
  • Complete follow-up of all trades will be given by us.
  • We guide you on the trading strategies of booking maximum profit from the market.
  • On average, we try to maintain accuracy of more than 80% in our trades.
  • We give you sufficient time to enter and exit from the market.
  • Free Webinar session direct by our research head to solve your doubts.
  • Telephonic assistance is provided by us to all traders in all services.

Features & Benefits


Daily Tips

You will get Cash Market Tips with a proper target number of tips depends on the selection of technical indicators.

High Volume stocks

All tips are generated mainly in blue-chip and large-cap companies.

News Update’s

All important news is updated on our website on a daily basis for our clients.

Telephonic Support

Option on choice if you want you can avail Telephonic support.

Instant Research Guidence

We provide instant research guidance to help you with your past trades.

Technical indicator’s

We have  3 sets of Premium technical indicators available to give the best support.

Fundamental Report’s

We generate reports i.e qualitative and quantitative reports.

Full Support

We provide you complete support during office hour’s i.e from 9.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m

Option Basic

The basic plan offers to full fill all essential requirements of the Intraday Trading and is designed creatively to complete all requirements of the layman Trader.

We offer you a range of Premium Add on’s to boast up your service package.

Basic Features

  1. 22 Trading session Service.
  2. Indicator’s OBV/Moving-Average/RSI.
  3. Updates of Pivot Levels.
  4. News updates.
  5. Instant Query Resolution.
  6. Complete Follow up of recommendations.
  7. Online Support.

With the help of Add-on, you can boost up your earning in lot,by working on big targets. Just add indicators of your choice and you are ready to rock your Demat with profit.

Start work with the best stock option tips provider

The best recommendations will give to you. We understand that dealing in the stock market is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Therefore we are here to recommend you out-of-the-box tips. As a result, it helps you to generate maximum profit.

You will provide complete assistance with the best tips. For that, we recommend you the best stock to invest in on time through calls and emails, and chats. Timely support regarding investment is given. so that you can invest in the right stock at right time and be able to earn lumpsum profit at right time.

We are a sebi registered option tips provider. And we are one of the best options trading advisory service in India. We provide you the jackpot option tips. just because we want to make your future bright.

Even if you are a beginner and don’t have enough knowledge but are willing to invest in the stock market then you are at the right place. Because we have a wonderful team who give special assistance to the beginner’ that beginner can also invest without any hesitations. Our team also made blogs regarding the stock market like Right amount to start investing in share market and many such blogs are posted to help out the person in order to make better investments. The recommendation derivative segment is only available in NSE


It requires a lot of research to invest in the share market. so we can understand it is quite difficult for an individual to make a decision. Therefore, we are here to give you exceptional tips. As a result, you will get an unexpected profit. In order to make awesome money.

Stock option is a segment where on minimum loss one can book maximum profit. So It is the best segment for those who have low investments. but want to make good money from the share market. As it requires very little capital. Therefore it is the first choice of the investor having low capital.

Traders can buy the call option if they think that market is going to be positive. vice versa they can buy a put option if they think that the market is going in a negative direction. Therefore the best way to trade with low capital is the stock option. The value of call and put differs from the strike price. As on every strike price call option and put, the option has different values. The best way to trade is to buy call or put according to the research. By buying the call option buyer don’t get ownership of the shares. but if the value of share price increases the value of the call option also increases. And in the same way, if the value of share price decreases the value of put options increases.


So even if you have less capital but are willing to invest in the stock market and want to earn profit. Then you can trade in stock options with the help of our outstanding expert team. who helps you in trading so that you get benefited from it. As a result, you can end up trading with the maximum profit in your hand. Therefore you can start trading with us just by filling the form. And if you want to win these games of stock trading then we the trade bond are here to help you out with all our amazing tips. That definitely will bring the best out of your Investment. As a result, your DEMAT will show a high return on investment on investing less capital.


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