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We are the best stock option tips provider in India. Stock Options Intraday tips this service is mainly designed for low-risk traders. It is a safe option to trade we can rotate our capital and build it in a day trading itself from 1 – 5%. We mainly recommend blue-chip stocks and large-cap companies to our clients for day trading tips in NSE (National Stock Exchange).

Your ROI  completely depends on the indicators you choose. We bring to you the option to choose what should be your risk and reward ratio and tips on the basis of the indicators chosen by you. In order to make you the maximum profit.

best stock option tips


We are the Best Stock Option tips provider in India. This service is mainly designed for high-risk traders. To build their capital in intraday trading with options strategy with NSE (National Stock Exchange). The ROI completely depends on the risk and reward ratio of the trader. The risk and reward ratio of the trader varies from person to person.

  • We provide you a completely framed recommendation with the exact strike price on which you need to enter to book profit.
  • On every trading session, you will get 1 or 2 recommendations.
  • Every recommendation includes a single target and single stop loss.
  • Every recommendation is framed based on Research Analysis.
  • We provide you daily market updates which help you in tracking the market.
  • A special support executive will be assigned to you.
  • Complete follow-up of all trades will be given by us.
  • We guide you on the trading strategies of booking maximum profit from the market.
  • On average, we try to maintain accuracy of more than 80% in our trades.
  • We give you sufficient time to enter and exit from the market.
  • Free Webinar session direct by our research head to solve your doubts.
  • Telephonic assistance is provided by us to all traders in all services.

Features & Benefits

best intraday tips


You will get 1-2 Stock Option tips with a proper target and a proper stop loss. To book your daily profit.

best nifty option tips


All Tips are mainly generated in high volume stocks i.e large Cap Companies and mid-cap Companies.

best stock market tips provider


All important news is updated by us on our website. And accordingly, we do daily news analysis.

equity research analyst


We provide complete telephonic to all our premium customers. Which helps them in making a profit.

best nifty 50 tips


Our all dedicated executive will support you instantly to provide you a resolution to all your query.

stock option tips


We do strong fundamental research in order to provide you with fundamentally strong stocks.

best technical analyst in india


We do strong Technical research in order to provide you with technically strong stocks according to research.

best stock market analyst in india


As per your risk-bearing capacity, we provide you with the suitability report . and service accordingly.

stock market tips


We provide you service for 22 trading sessions in a month and  66 trading session in a quarter.

Benefits of Option Trading Tips

Customized Trade As Per Your Risk Capacity
Best Research Analyst Will Guide You
Real Time Support Over Call
Wider Reach to Best Performing Stocks
Work On Technically Strong Level
Hold Fundamentally Sound Stock
Complete News Analysis
Drives Growth

Sebi registered option trading tips provider

Start work with the best stock option tips provider

The best recommendations will give to you. We understand that dealing in the stock market is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Therefore we are here to recommend you out-of-the-box tips. As a result, it helps you to generate maximum profit.

You will provide complete assistance with the best tips. For that, we recommend you the best stock to invest in on time through calls and emails, and chats. Timely support regarding investment is given. so that you can invest in the right stock at right time and be able to earn lumpsum profit at right time.

Sebi registered option tips provider

We are a sebi registered option tips provider. And we are one of the best options trading advisory service in India. We provide you the best option tips. just because we want to make your future bright.

Even if you are a beginner and don’t have enough knowledge but are willing to invest in the stock market then you are at the right place. Because we have a wonderful team who give special assistance to the beginner’s.so that beginner can also invest without any hesitations. Our team also made blogs regarding the stock market like Right amount to start investing in share market and many such blogs are posted to help out the person in order to make better investments. The recommendation derivative segment is only available in NSE

Call put option trading tips

We are the best call put option trading tips and services provider because we do technical and fundamental research. 


It requires a lot of research to invest in the share market. so we can understand it is quite difficult for an individual to make a decision. Therefore, we are here to give you exceptional tips. As a result, you will get an unexpected profit. In order to make awesome money.

Stock option is a segment where on minimum loss one can book maximum profit. So It is the best segment for those who have low investments. but want to make good money from the share market. As it requires very little capital. Therefore it is the first choice of the investor having low capital.

Traders can buy the call option if they think that market is going to be positive. vice versa they can buy a put option if they think that the market is going in a negative direction. Therefore the best way to trade with low capital is the stock option. The value of call and put differs from the strike price. As on every strike price call option and put, the option has different values. The best way to trade is to buy call or put according to the research. By buying the call option buyer don’t get ownership of the shares. but if the value of share price increases the value of the call option also increases. And in the same way, if the value of share price decreases the value of put options increases.


So even if you have less capital but are willing to invest in the stock market and want to earn profit. Then you can trade in stock options with the help of our outstanding expert team. who helps you in trading so that you get benefited from it. As a result, you can end up trading with the maximum profit in your hand. Therefore you can start trading with us just by filling the form. And if you want to win these games of stock trading then we the trade bond are here to help you out with all our amazing tips. That definitely will bring the best out of your Investment. As a result, your DEMAT will show a high return on investment on investing less capital.

Option Trading Tips

Option Trading Tips

What is Option Trading tips ?

Traders can book awesome profits with the help of Option Trading tips. It is not possible for a trader or beginners to do complete research before marking the trades in options trading. That’s the reason traders usually hire the best Option Trading Tips provider. To help them with the best options trading tips.

Best stock option tips

Your search for the best stock option tips ends here. The Trade Bond gives the Best Stock Option Tips. As the Best Stock Option Trading tips Service Provider, the trade bond becomes one of the top Stock option trading tips Advisor in India.

The Trade bond is known for its high level of accuracy report on the share market. Why? Because the Director of the Trade bond is the Best equity research analyst in India. And she continues  analysis of all the aspects of fundamental and technical research with the high-quality research team. In order to provide awesome profit to the clients.

It is not possible for everyone to do options trading. Because of that, the individual requires an expert who supports him in utilizing his capital and convert it into profit. For that, we the Trade bond are here to provide awesome options trading advice.

At present, we provide tips on stock market,Nifty future,Nifty option,stock future,stock option,Nifty50,bank nifty.We also provide services like short-term servicelong-term servicemid-term serviceswing trading. In order to increase the profit of the traders.

If your money gets stuck in the share market. we the trade bond are here to help you out with our best stock option trading tips. We always focus to provide tips in such a way that becomes easy for the trader to implement while buying or selling the stock.

The Trade Bond always updates the client regarding the stop-loss. like when and at what point the trader can mark the stop-loss. In order to get the maximum profits from his investment.

Stock option trading tips advice is for both day traders as well as beginners. Special assistance is given so that the investor can invest his capital at the right time in the right stock. And able to earn awesome profit.In order to increase his wealth.

WHY US????

1)The Trade Bond have the Best equity research analyst in India.

2) Give Spontaneous support to your queries.

3)We provide high-level Accuracy of profit-making tips.

4)Special assistance with the help of calls, chats, and mail.

5)Special Executive is assign to you.

Option Trading Tricks

Tricks for options trading help a trader in increasing its profit and minimizing its loss with options trades. Do you want to know How? let me be very clear Option trading tips are just an idea to boost up your profit. And minimize your loss. These tricks don’t commit any sure shot profit in the stock market.

The main tricks for Options trading are 
1)Avoid doing averaging and over-trading in stock options.
2)Do not do scalping in the market.
3)Always set stop-loss in every trade.
4)Do focus on midcap and large-cap stock.
5)Don’t do trade on free recommendations.
6)Do not marks trade in the flow of the market.
7)Avoid investing with a single capital in a trade.
8)Do not get panic when the market fluctuates.
9)Always get updated with the market news.
10)Before trading starts doing the proper analysis.
11)Start using the trailing stop loss strategy.
12)Start doing proper research before marking the trade.
13)Avoid leaving your trade open without any proper target stop loss.
14)Make a trade on a bracket order.
15)Make use of mobile trading platforms.
16)Start trade with India’s best equity research analyst.
17)For an intraday trader it is necessary to avoid common mistakes.
18)Select the best trading segment.
19)Do not trade with borrowed money.
20)As per your requirement choose the best service.
21)Take the advice of experts
22)Invest 50% in long-term trading.

If the trader or even the beginner follows these option trading tricks then it definitely helps him to build his wealth. It is not easy for a trader to do option trading alone. Because it requires a lot of technical and fundamental research to make an investment in the stocks.

For that, we the trade bond provide the special executive who on your behalf will do all the research work and guide you regarding the investment in order to give you maximum returns from your investment. Let us work for you.

Option Trading Tips for tomorrow

The Trade bond is known for providing the best option trading tips for tomorrow. As the trade bond provides the best option trading tips which will definitely help all the traders in booking profit. Option trading tips are designed keeping in mind the key rule that the positions need to be squared.

The thumb rule of doing options trading is to square up your position in order to achieve your target of booking profit for the day. Being the best option trading tips provider. We at the trade bond are providing traders best option trading tips. So that traders may start booking awesome profits on a daily basis.

option trading tips are very important as you may not be having enough time to do proper research. Technical analysis holds a very important part in designing option trading tips.

Option trading tips for today

The Trade bond does a complete technical research analysis to provide traders with complete guidance. Fundamental research analysis holds its own importance. Therefore, it is very much important to do both technical and fundamental research analysis. In order to generate awesome profit-making tips or recommendations. As one of the top option trading tips providers, it is our key responsibility to do complete research work for you. option trading tips can help any individual in the booking profit.

Nowadays option trading is a second source of income for many individuals who are working with many private as well as public sector companies. The trader doesn’t have sufficient time to track all the news related to the stock market nor do they have sufficient skill set in order to do complete research work. So these option trading tips help them to mark their daily trades.

Why The Trader Chooses Us???

1)The Trade bond provides the best Profit making tips.

2)Research team is always available to support you through calls, chats, and mails.

3)The Trade Bond does the best technical and fundamental research with a high level of accuracy.

4) Always get updates regarding the stop-loss is given.

5)The Trade bond is always ready to solve the queries of the trader.

Option trading tips can give you the best idea of the stock which is going to perform during the day. If you have any knowledge about technical research analysis then you should implement and cross-check those research. As a result, you may gain more confidence in the same before marking a trade.

We have a very successful experience of providing the best option trading tips and recommendations on daily basis to our traders. All our traders are very much satisfied with our performance but as you know that past performances are never the indicator of future performance. Therefore, we would like to tell you that you should join our awesome option trading tips service. In order to make your trading experience better.

Option Trading Tips for today

Whether you are a day trader or a beginner. Trading alone in the stock market is Risky. One should start work with the Best Option Trading tips provider. Because what the Best option trading tips provider will serve you. is quite difficult to do alone. Trading alone in the share market is quite difficult. so basically when you join your hand with the best option trading tips provider. Then it becomes beneficial for you to earn the maximum amount of the profit. And that leads to maximizing your wealth.

If you are a day trader and looking for the best option trading tips for today. Then, you are at the right place. Because we the trade bond gives you the Best option Trading Tips for today all over India.

 Why us???

We have an expert who is the Best equity research analyst in India. And who smartly do all the fundamental research and technical research analysis. Because of that, The trade bond is able to provide traders a high level of accuracy. that helps trader to increase their wealth.

The Trade bond Research team is always one step ahead. Because of this, we are able to provide awesome tips.

We are here to provide you the best stock market tipsNifty future tipsNifty option tipsStock future tipsstock option tipsNifty50bank nifty option tips.

Our Research team always supports you and helps you via calls, chats, and mail. So that trader position doesn’t get stuck in the share market. And traders can able to enjoy the maximum profit from the market.

Free Option Trading Tips

If you are a day trader or beginner, then definitely you question yourself like How to make money in the stock market? or How to do option trading? Everyone wants to enjoy awesome profit in the share market. But No wants to suffer major losses. Why? Because we all know that only profit will help us to maximize our wealth. And helps us to accomplish our goals.

So, basically, if you want to earn awesome profit then what you need is the best strategy to book profit in option trading with the help of the best option trading tips. So, what should be the best profit strategies? 

For this, the trade bond comes up with the various option trading tips to book profit regarding stock market tips, Nifty future tips, Nifty option tips, Stock future tips, Stock option tips, Bank Nifty option tips, Nifty50. Even our expert is the best equity research analyst in India. solves your one query for free once when you fill our Enquiry form.

 The trade bond also provides blogs on the website to give an idea to the day traders as well as beginners regarding the market.The Trade Bond publishes the blogs like How to do option tradingAwesome tips for Intraday trading for great profit. and How to trade bank nifty Intraday.

We also provide the best share market intraday trading tips in India. Because we want that the person who gets connect with us will get maximum profit.

Here the trade bond is providing some of the best strategies to Book Profit.

1)Start Diversifying your capital.

2)Set stop loss.

3)Always do thorough research before investing.

4)Avoid depending on a single stock.

5)Avoid market rumors.

Stock Option Trading Tips

If you are a day trader? Or beginner in the stock market? And if you are looking for a stock option trading tips provider. Then your search for the right stock option tips provider ends here. Because we are known for being one of the top stock market tips providers in India.

Why???? Because we have an awesome team of research. Who continuously work to provide Amazing tips with a high level of accuracy. So that our trader can enjoy the great profit.As well as we have the best equity market research analyst with us. And with her best strategy come up with a great idea. To build the wealth of a trader. Traders looking for the top stock option trading tips provider come to us.

We provide amazing tips based on our awesome research. For ExampleStock market tipsNifty future tipsNifty option tipsStock future tipsStock option tips, Bank Nifty option tipsNifty50. Because of these recommendations, traders are making a high level of profit.

The Trade Bond can understand that one can’t start investing in the share market. Until the trader carries sufficient knowledge about the golden rules of trading in the share market.

At The trade bond, We take a small initiative to start a blog. To guide traders’ in the stock market. Therefore we published the blog. How to do option trading, What is the share marketwhat is Intraday trading to How to make money in the share market? As a result, many traders have benefited from it.


  • We are providing you with a complete recommendation.
  • On every trading session, We will be giving you 1 or 2 recommendations.
  • We are providing you right entry and exit level.
  • Every recommendation includes a single target and single stop loss.
  • We are also helping traders with their current position in the stock market.
  • Every recommendation is framed based on Research Analysis.
  • We provide you daily market updates which help you in tracking the market.
  • A special support executive assigning to you.
  • Complete follow-up of all trades giving to you.
  • We guide you on the trading strategies of booking maximum profit from the market.
  • On average, we try to maintain accuracy of more than 80% in our trades.
  • We give you sufficient time to enter and exit from the market.
  • We are providing telephonic assistance to all traders in all services.

Best Option tips provider

The trade bond is known as the Best Option trading tips service provider. Because the trade bond provides Option trading tips with a high level of accuracy. And are ruling the Options trading service for a long time in the market. The trade bond gives the best Options trading recommendation. As a result, Their Option trading tips help a trader in booking amazing profit.

The Best Equity Research Analyst of India is the C.E.O of the company. All the trades are given under her supervision. She helps many traders on a daily basis. In order to achieve their daily slabs of awesome profit.

The Best Option trading tips service provider provides you a recommendation. in almost all the segments of the stock market. The trade bond help traders in making the right decision during live market hours. Our Option Trading tips service is available for High-risk traders. We always do calculate the risk profile of every trader. In order to guide them with their Risk appetite. Because Option Trading Tips service is mainly designed keeping in mind the day today’s need of all the traders.

We also provide swing tradingMidterm tradingshort-term trading, and Long-term trading services. To provide support to the investor in the share market. Our trading services will serve you the best in the market. These will also help you in updating your stock market knowledge. Although Option Trading is a very risky form of trading.Then to by doing awesome research work. The trade bond gives its best in order to make you earn.

Option trading tips service is best for all those traders who want to earn awesome profit from daily fluctuations in the share market by rotating their money.


1)The trade bond has the Best Equity Research Analyst in India.

2)We Provide tips with a high level of accuracy.

3)Research team is always available to help the trader to get over their stuck position.

4)The Trade bond team assists the trader with the call, chat, mail support.

5)We have a great research team.

Intraday Stock Option Trading Tips

The Trade Bond as the best Intraday stock option Trading Tips providers usually does complete stock market research. Technical analysis and fundamental analysis have a major influence on a trading session. Researchers always have a keen eye on domestic and international market updates. In order to do complete research with the awesome reports. The intraday stock option trading tips generated by doing 360-degree research do achieve an accuracy of 80%. As no one can generate 100% accurate recommendations. Because one of the major factors which influence the intraday stock option trading tips is market flexibility. And it is completely not controllable. As the volume of the traders trading in Intraday fluctuates. As a result the volume of the market also fluctuates and the also the quality traded on very trade changes as per the trader’s choice.

Best Option Trading Tips

Option trading tips make a day trader feels relaxed and happy as without doing any research work buy himself he can just get the recommendations by us. As we are the best stock option tips provider in India. We also provide tips and recommendations in bank nifty and nifty. And has gained the faith of the client as the best bank nifty option tips provider in India and the best nifty option tips provider in India. At present we are also the leading intraday tips provider in India.

We work with complete dedication and work hard in order to generate the best for the customers. Our main goal is to gain the faith of our customer by giving him the best returns from the option trading tips.

Why to trade with the best Option trading tips provider?

Option trading tips help the traders to earn a good amount of profit from their investment in the share market.in order to achieve their goals. Option trading tips are very useful as for a normal trader it is very difficult to analyze which strike price is going to show the maximum movement in the trading sessions.

Traders get a good amount of profit by doing trade on the correct strike price. Because of us, the trader can easily choose the correct strike price to mark. as it’s quite difficult for the trader to mark to do alone as he gets confused for the same. We do thorough research on choosing the best option to perform and the right strike to enter. Thus a lot of hard work is required in generating the best option trading tips.

Option trading tips act as a very important tool for success for many intraday traders as they help them a lot to generate good profit in the best-performing stocks.


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