Best Stock Research Analyst in India

Best Stock Research Analyst In India.

Nidhi Saxena is the Best Stock Research Analyst in India. She is having the experience of 8 years of working in the same field. Nidhi is NISM certified and a Sebi Registered Investment Advisor. She is a Fee-only advisor and does not have any connection with any broking firm or any AssestManaging Company. She is focused on creating investment awareness in India. Apart from Technical and fundamental research. She has helped many investors in fulfilling their financial goals.

She design customize a plan for every individual and provide them with guidance in their investment. She is best in doing technical and fundamental Research as she is always focused on every news which could have its effect on the market. She always keeps an eye on international news as well.

Apart from this she also provides classes for technical and Fundamental Research to all age groups. She is also available for personalized meetings with clients and solves all their queries. This is the reason she is known as The Best Stock Research Analyst in India.

Her area’s of Expertise

  • Technical Research – The study of Technical charts and its patterns. Technical patterns are formed when we track the movement of the share price with the time many of the patterns are formed we study this pattern’s and these patterns form indicators.
  • Fundamental Research – The study of the Balance Sheet of the company. Its PE Ratio and upcoming projects and domestic and international news about the stocks which could affect the performance of the stock.
  • She also creates a plan for systematic investment and provides guidance about the same and thus helps clients in achieving their financial goals.
  • According to her, every individual has a different risk value and different financial goals in his life. So, a different road map is created for every individual. In order to full fill the financial Goals of all clients.
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