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Welcome traders. We have come up with a new service named midterm services. This service is especially for those who are looking for monthly holding trades and quarterly based results trades. Buy and hold until you get your target price.

If you don’t want to trade daily, no worries!!!! Invest and trade on the basis of reports. Wait and trade wisely, only on special occasions of market.

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Mid term Trading

If you wish to trade only on occasion,market is full of opportunities. Trading when results are declared, global opportunities, Big news, policy day, result declaration day.

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  • Technical trade
  • News Updates
  • Big Targets
  • Online Support

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  • Result Base Trades
  • News Updates
  • Big Targets
  • Online Support

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What is Intraday Trading?

In simple words, when you ask What is intraday trading? It simply means day trading that is buying and selling of this stocks in the same day it simply means that at the end of the day you do not have any kind of holding of stocks or shares in your hand you are just

Why did the stock market crash today?

Today Nifty Opened at 11958.55 made a high of 12018.65made a low of 11775.75 a drop of 180 points in seen because of negative results of the companies. If you are an intraday trader you might be having a question in mind why did the stock market crash today? let’s have a look at this.

Radhakishan Damani in scam 1992

A character whose role was played by Maheswari is Radhakishan Damani in scam 1992. and was a team member of the bear cartel and one of the main followers of the Manu Manek. And presently he is the Second Richest Man of India i.e Mr. RadhaKishan Damani owner of D-Mart. Mr. Radhakishan Damani was among

Who is Manu Manek Mundra?

Manu Manek Mundra was the leader of the bear cartel. Manu Manek was also known as the kingpin of the market and was also recognized as The Black Cobra. He was one of the major market influencers of the 1990s. Manu Manek Mundra was a wealthy man and had a good hold in politics and

Best Intraday Trading Indicators

Best Intraday Trading Indicators or indicators generate signals when to buy and when to sell a particular share. Investors and traders both use indicators for trading. Trading with technical indicators is considered to be more accurate and precise. As there are many indicators which can even provide you the buying price, target and stop loss.

Who is Swamiji in scam 1992?

SwamiJi in Scam 1992 is none other then Chandraswami ( Tantrik ) Who was having good hold in politics. Chandraswami was a controversial Indian Tantrik who gained fame when he came in contact with Prime Minister Narasimha Rao. Soon after Rao became Prime Minister in 1991. Swami helped in bring down the Morarji Desai government and

Best Stock Research Analyst in India

Nidhi Saxena is the Best Stock Research Analyst in India. She is having the experience of 8 years of working in the same field. Nidhi is NISM certified and a Sebi Registered Investment Advisor. She is a Fee-only advisor and does not have any connection with any broking firm or any AssestManaging Company. She is

Stock for today’s Intraday

NIFTY opens at 11540 SBI share price – SBI share with an opening of 205.90 buying price at 204.75 cp target you can have of rs 206.80. sl at 203.75 GLENMARK PHARMA – Share buying 485 tgt 490 sl 482. HCL TECH HCL buying price tgt 760 sl 745. SELLING CALL IBULHSGFIN Opening with 198


On the list of economic freedom index, India ranked in 105th position. India slipped 26 ranks below last year’s position freedom which is bad economic news for India. The freedom index of 2020 is prepared by the Fraser Institute of Canada. In this list, every country is given a number out of 10. And accordingly


A big day RIYA CHAKRAVARTHI arrested today on 8 sep 2020. police to take Riya in custody. Firstly police will take her to the hospital to get her COVID test done in Sayan hospital. Then after the procedure of formal arrest will be carried on. The NCB issued the order to arrest the Riya already

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