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Searching for stock investing tips. As you wish to grow your funds in the stock market. Our service “Dhan Vridhi ” will help you in achieving your goals. Our research team is doing complete research and analysis work. Because we want you to book awesome profit in the coming years. Our research head believes that the best segment to trade in the stock market is long-term trading in Equity cash. According to her experience, It is safe to invest in stocks in comparison to intraday Trading.

“The Power of Expert Advice: Our Successful Stock Investing Tips”

Company Name ENTRY  Exit Buying Price Exit Price Duration Gain in %
PC JEWELLER 26- Dec- 2023 4-Jan-2023 50 60 9 Days 20%
BANK OF BARODA 30-Nov-2023 13-Dec-2023 197 221 13 Days 12%
BALRAMPUR CHINI MILLS 26-oct-2023 30-Nov-2023 403 470 103 16%
GRANULES 24-Aug-2023 9-Nov-2023 295 370 3 Months 25%
GNFC 12-July-2023 30-Oct-2023 555 680 3.5 Months 22%
AB CAPITAL 6- JULY-2023 25-Oct-2023 192 170 3 Months -11%
BALKRISIND 17-FEB-2025 22-June-2023 2050 2460 5 months  20%


9-Jan-23 17-Mar-23 210 230 2 Months  10%


25-Jan-23 6-Apr-23 412 460 2 Months  12%


25-May-22 25-Jan-23 187 320 7 months 71%


31-Mar-22 16-Jun-22 380 302 3 Months  -21%


7-Mar-22 24-Feb-22 802 1300 11 Months 62%


7-Jul-22 19-Sep-22 480 570 2 Months  19%


28-Feb-22 23-May-22 3570 3240 3 Months -9%


22-Feb-22 12-Dec-22 680 830 9 Months 22%


16-Feb-22 21-Mar-23 220 385 12 Months  75%


16-Feb-22 25-Aug-22 620 1040 6 Months  68%


22-Jan-22 27-Jan-23 810 1060 12 Months  31%


2-Feb-21 9-Nov-21 620 820 9 Months  32%


6-Jan-21 26-Apr-21 410 650 3 Months 59%


3-Oct-20 4-May-21 328 485 8 Months  48%


18-Sep-20 5-May-21 1110 1170 8 Months  5%


Your partner in wealth creation.

 Risk Management
Risk Profile Analysis

Risk, profile analysis helps in identifying risk appetite and selecting investment options that can help you in achieving your goals with risk Management.

Investment -planning
Investment Planning

According to your risk profile score, we suggest you investment tips in different sectors and if you choose to invest only in stocks . Then we guide the best possible stocks as per your goal.

Expert Stock Tips
Expert Stock Recommendations

Receive a list of around 20 to 25 stocks to enter into your portfolio. These stocks will be from different sectors of the market which will help you in distributing your risk and maximizing your returns. 

Investment Horizon
Investment Horizon

Our service is designed for traders who want to invest in stocks for a period of 3 to 5 years, ensuring long-term growth and stability.

Relationship Manager
Relationship Manager

A Manager to provide you with excellent customer support. They will be happy to help you in solving all your doubts and queries. and ensure that you may have a great experience working with us.

Portfolio Restructuring
Portfolio Restructuring

We analyze your portfolio piriodically and suggest you the corrections to be done in your portfolio.And provide you complete follow up for your positions. buy proving you proper inputs for your positions.

Balanced Risk Reward
Balanced Risk and Reward

Our service provides an upside potential of 20-30%, while keeping the downside risk to 15-20%, ensuring a balanced risk-reward ratio.

Features & Benefits

best intraday tips


We create portfolio of 20-25 Stocks.And quarterly analysis of portfolio stock is done.To book awesome profit in your demat.

best nifty option tips


All Tips are mainly generated in high volume stocks i.e large Cap Companies and mid-cap Companies.

best stock market tips provider


All important news is updated by us on our website. And, we do daily complete news analysis.

equity research analyst


We provide complete telephonic to all our premium customers. Which helps them in making a profit.

best nifty 50 tips


Our all dedicated executive will support you instantly to provide you a resolution to all your query.

stock option tips


We do strong fundamental research in order to provide you with fundamentally strong stocks.

best technical analyst in india


We do strong Technical research in order to provide you with technically strong stocks according to research.

best stock market analyst in india


As per your risk-bearing capacity, we provide you with the suitability report . and service accordingly.

stock market tips

Periodic Review

We do periodic review of your stocks . And restucture them whenever required.  It helps in smoothly achieving our goals.

Dhan Vriddhi Investment Services
Dhan Vriddhi Lite

Basic Investment Analysis and Recommendations

Suitable for investors with smaller capital ranges (2 lac – 5 lac)

The introductory rate of 35,000 INR for the first 6 months, followed by a regular rate of 5,000 for the next 6 months.

Dhan Vriddhi PRO

Advanced Portfolio Management and Investment Analysis

Suitable for investors with smaller capital ranges (less than 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs)

The introductory rate of INR 70,000 INR for the first 6 months, followed by a regular rate of INR 10,000 for the next 6 months.

Dhan Vriddhi Elite

Advanced Investment Analysis and Recommendations

Suitable For investors with capital above 10 lakhs

Personalized investment strategy

The Pricing of INR 100,000 for the first 6 months, followed by a regular rate of 20,000 for the next 6 months.

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Stock Investing Tips for Beginners

For those new to the Stock market, investing is a bit difficult; therefore, they should start with the basics of the Stock Market. Start by learning the different tools available for investing in the stock market.

Once a trader gathers sufficient knowledge about investing in stocks. They should contact an investment advisor, probably a sebi-registered investment advisor. Having realistic goals and a clear vision before investing is also very important.

Best Investment Advisors for Beginners

If you are a beginner, working on the advice of the best investment advisor can help you.
Firstly the investment advisor will help you set realistic goals in the stock market then they will work on calculating your risk profile score to check out your risk-bearing appetite.

One of the best investment advisors for beginners in India is Nidhi Saxena. She is known for her knowledge and experience in the stock market. She has helped many traders kick-start their journey in the stock market. And also helped set realistic goals with a road map to achieve them.

Understanding the Indian Stock Market

To begin with the stock market, one needs to start understanding the stock market. Because unless you have proper knowledge about Stock Market investing, it won’t be easy for you. Let me briefly explain the stock market in very simple points.

1)There are 2 major stock exchanges in India.
NSE – National Stock Exchange
BSE- Bombay stock exchange

2)Nse has more than 1700 companies listed on it.
3)Bse have more then 5000 compnies listed .
4)Bse was founded in 1875, while Nse was founded in 1992.

Nse has an equity cash market & derivatives market. At the same time, BSE has only an equity cash market.

Best Equity Research Analysts in India

An equity research Analyst has the quality to research the market. And provide traders with completely framed recommendations to trade in the market. One of India’s Best Equity Research analyst is our director, Nidhi Saxena. She offers in-depth research and Analysis on individual companies and industries, helping investors make good investment decisions.

Stock Investing Tips for long-term in the stock market.

Some most important tips are as follows 

  • Diversify your portfolio – invest in different sectors 
  • Invest in long Term: Invest in Stocks for a long time frame so that your money has sufficient time to grow with the market.  
  • Do Deep Research – One should look at the factors impacting the stock’s performance in the long term. 
  • Have a Realistic goal – keep an achievable goal in the stock market. Target should not multiply the capital in a month. It should be a long-term goal. 
Holding the stocks by investing in them.

Buying a stock and holding it for a long duration, for example, our trader bought reliance in 2002 at Rs.48/- per share, sold it in 2021 @2131, and booked the profit. This type of trading is called long-term trading. Or investing in the stock market.
Investing in stocks has proved itself as the best tool to recover from the rate of inflation (Rate of inflation means the purchasing power of the individual )
Long-term trading or investing in the share market will boost your capital concerning time, as we all see that with great speed, time is changing continuously.
And all of us need to focus on our savings.
In the long run, which investment instrument has given the best result over the past years in the Indian Stock Market?
Then you will get only one answer to it: the stock market.
And we have many examples which can prove this thing is real.
As the best long-term services provider, we always focus on making a profit for the trader.

Best Long-Term Investment in the Indian Stock Market

If a trader is looking forward toward’s investing in the stock market for the long term. Then some of the best sectors for investment are 

Technology: Technology companies, including Infosys, TCS, and Wipro, are leading the way.

Consumer Goods: The consumer goods sector in India is also growing rapidly, with companies like Hindustan Unilever and ITC Ltd. 

Financials: The financials sector in India is also worth considering, with companies like HDFC Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank. Etc.


Understanding the Role of Market Volatility – for Stock investing Tips 

One of the most challenging things in the Indian stock market is its volatility, which is not in the control of anyone. This market, i.e. NSE, has many traders as it is one of the 10th largest stock exchanges in the world, and BSE is the 8th largest stock exchange in the world.

As this is an uncontrollable factor, the trader should do thorough research and Analysis. Should consider companies with strong fundamentals. And having good performance over the years. So that the chances of success would increase in the stock market


Investing in the stock market could be the best way to increase wealth. With the increasing rate of inflation. Understanding stock market investing basics and working with the Sebi Registered Investment Advisor. Researching individual companies and then doping long-term investment in the stock market will help the trader achieve his goals in the stock market.

Problem’s of a Trader with their Solution’s.

Don't know What is the correct strike price to buy ? When to buy ? When to sell?

Solution –

We guide you by providing you complete trade.

We assist you strike price and guide

When to buy when to sell.

Do not have time to do Technical and fundamental Research work.

Solution –

We do complete technical and fundamental research in order to assist you in the market.

What should be right investment according to my capacity ?

Solution –

We calculate your risk by doing your risk profile analysis and thus we generate a suitability report for you .

which helps you in understanding your capacity for investment.

What is the right time to enter and what is the right time to exit ?

Solution –

We provide you complete guidance on when to enter and when to exit.

What should be the right investment in every trade?

Solution –

We guide you a strategy of dividing the funds in equal parts and thus we tell you the right investment of every trade.

Complete day goes with zero results.

We track the market by giving our day and help you get the best results in less time.

What is the latest news which can effect my trade?

Solution –

Our team keeps a complete eye on each and every news of the market. Thus we help you in staying updated with every news.

What kind of effect will come in the market according to the latest news?

Solution –

Our researcher guides you with the trade according to the market.

which helps you in understanding the impact of the news.

What all factor's should I consider while marking a trade ?

We consider all possible factors like technical , fundamental, domestic market news, International Market News.Solution –

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