Who is Manu Manek Mundra?

Manu Manek Mundra was the leader of the bear cartel. Manu Manek was also known as the kingpin of the market and was also recognized as The Black Cobra. He was one of the major market influencers of the 1990s.

Manu Manek Mundra was a wealthy man and had a good hold in politics and BSE. He was one of those players in the market who used to keep the market in the bearish mode.

Manu Mundra

Manu Manek Mundra made the First Bear Cartel in India. He had a group of followers Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Radha Krishan Damani. He controlled the market with a single hand because of his power of money. Manu Manek was a legend until Harshad Mehta entered the Market. There was a saying that

” Mannu Bhai na Raaaj ma Market Maja ma”

The Bear Cartel use to take a selling position in the market he used to do so by reading the fundamental details about the stock. And if they found that the stock is in debt then they see the news of the stock and in case they find it negative. They just started shorting that particular stock in the share market.

As a result of this, the market starts joining negatively mainly affecting the share price of that company.

Mannu Bhai also attacked the Reliance in the ’90s but Dhirubhai Ambani knew how to tackle people like Manu Mundra.Somehow Dhirubhai managed to take tackle this bearish Attack on his company and saved the Reliance share from falling in the market. Dhirubhai plotted Anand Jain against the Mundra and asked Anand to buy as many shares as the bear cartel sells. after a time bear cartel knew it won’t be easy for them to take down reliance.

There is no verified image of Manu Manik Mundra Because he was never involved in any news.

Manu Manek Mundra used to trade in stock cash market of BSE. As Manu Manek was the most popular and richest man of that duration. The Manu Manek Mundra was also known as Manu mandudia  Mandudia is basically a Hindi word and it means that he brings mandi in the market by making selling positions.

The main profession of Manu Manek Mundra was stock market trading and stock market broking. He had a group of followers who use to follow him. Manu Manek’s strategy of making money. He believed in the fact that the market shows more negative movement in comparison to positive movement. So, he used to focus on the companies listed in BSE. Mainly those stocks which are which have any negative aspect. If the debt of the company is increasing. If the company has more liability in comparison to assets. Then just focus on every lope of that company. When they make a group of seller’s i.e Individuals who are interested in selling the stock. And after that Manu Manek and his followers just focus on selling the stock and they continue doing the same until the stock breaks.


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