US election impact on Indian stock market

US election impact on Indian stock market

US election impact will be definitely seen on Indian Stock Market .As if Donald Trump’s win’s their would be a positive boost up in our Index. And if in case he looses their could be Negative Impact. And If the Results are mixed match then their will be roller costar ride in Indian Stock Market . So, please stay careful while marking your trades today . Mr. Trump has already announced his victory all those the result is yet to come.

Impact of 2016 elections on Indian Stock Market

We were expecting the victory of Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election during last us elections. But suddenly all expectation came down. When the results were announced. Their was a surprising victory of the Mr. Trump . This surprising Victory also surprised Indian Stock Market. by a fall of 1600 points in Sensex in Initial Trading Hours .

What impact could come on Indian Market in Long Run ?

If we talk about long run then We are in win -win situation. As who so ever wins their will be positive impact on Indian Economy in long run . Analyst at TheTradebond predicts that If Joe Bidden wins with democrats a status quo (Trump will be reelected with divided congress). The Bidden’sVictory with democrats and the Republicans will be holding the House of Representatives and The Senate.

If you are a Intraday trader and do trade on Nifty and Bank nifty then you should stay very careful in Stock Market today as We have seen in past that when ever thier is election in Us their is a huge impact on Indian Stock Market because We are a growing economy and we are closely related to Us economy in terms of development and we do focus on our growth by caring good trade relations with US .

Trading Strategy for Today

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