the big bull

Who is big bull of Indian Stock Market?

The Big Bull

Who is big bull of Indian Stock Market? Is rising topic nowadays and people say its Rakesh Junjhun Wala the present Big Bull of the Indian Stock Market. As he has booked a good amount of profit from the Indian Stock Market. He has invested in market during 1992’s Stock Market crash and then the 2008 market Crash. After that, it was seen that the market was rising continuously. So, he has booked a good amount of profit from the stock market. All his shares gave him a return of 200% to 500%. Thus made him the Big Bull of the Indian Stock Market.

Big Bull of Indian Stock Market in 1990’s.

Big bull of Indian Stock Market

Harshad Mehta was the first Person in the history of the stock market. Who Was given the title of the big bull of the stock market Because he was single man behind the rise in the stock market in 1990’s. The stocks in which he invested made a benchmark high during that duration. Their fore it was told that when ever the big bull takes a look at the stock. It starts flying in the air like a rocket.

Big Bull is only Harshad Mehta the real Hero of the stock market in 1990s. He alone took BSE to the bench Mark High but nowadays we call Rakesh Jhunjhunwala the big bull because is has just booked a good amount of profit from the market. But no one could ever beat Harshad Mehta ‘s

For what reason the trader gives him the title of Big Bull.

As our big bull of the 1990s has his own reputation in the market. He invests funds in stock at his own risk. The Big Bull convinced the real Investor of the Stock Market to follow him and invest in the stocks. Which are suggested by him. All major investors of that time frame were totally convinced by Harshad. His company Grows more Investors that they were so busy investing client’s money in the market. That they were continuously raising their manpower in their company.

Big bull became the second-highest Advance Tax Payer of our country. Therefore the traders of the stock market gave him this name the Big Bull of Indian Stock Market.

History of Big Bull

He has a simple gujrati man with great family values. he started his career with a simple job but he was always very interested in stock market . Therefore he some how managed to get the job in the stock market industry. In his first job he came the jobber of stock market. He was basically trading for the other player’s of the stock market . And was contineously focusing on learning more and more about the stock market . His curiocity took him to another level and soon he became the real player by starting his own demat account . and focused on Stock market and made huge profits out of it.

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