A big day RIYA CHAKRAVARTHI arrested today on 8 sep 2020. police to take Riya in custody. Firstly police will take her to the hospital to get her COVID test done in Sayan hospital. Then after the procedure of formal arrest will be carried on. The NCB issued the order to arrest the Riya already 9 people have been arrested by NCB in the Drug Case and today the arrest of Rhea Chakravarthi. Till today she was in the custody of NCB but now She will be on remand. The day before today Riya’s brother was arrested in same matter. Riya is arrested under section 8c(drug paddling in this 6 months jail ) section 28 (for provoking to take drugs) and Under section 29 to take the drugs. It was informed by media agencies that NCB will Carry on all the investigation and will arrest Riya only after her acceptance nd today she has accepted the fact that yes she used to take the drugs. Tomorrow NCB will demand the custody of Riya Chakravarthi. As today all paper formalities will get completed and she will be taken into District Court from their via video conferencing she will come in front of the district magistrate. 

There are many rumors about the Bollywood Drug Parties their fore it is forecasted that ow many more names will get involved in the same matter. The investigation on Riya was started because of the Sushant Singh Rajput murder case. She was also blamed for forcing Shushant Singh to take the drugs. In this case, 3 agencies are involved i.e Police, CBI, NCB Earlier in the investigation, she told the police officials that she used to order the drugs for Sushant sigh Rajput.

Main Reasons for the arrest are

  1. Shobhit and Simule Mirinda gave their statement.
  2. Drugs Chat from her phone’s.
  3. She was in Connection with Drugs paddler
  4. She herself accepted her involvement in Drug case.

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