Tips for Intraday Trading

Tips for intraday trading helps individuals to grab the opportunity.In order to make up the money within the day trade itself. We understand that Trading intraday is not very easy. Lots of hard work and research work are required.For generating a good recommendation. Let me explain to you in detail the research work required to generate tips.

Research work to be done for generating tips for intraday trading.

1)Technical Research

To generate the best tips. It is very important to do thorough technical research. As best intraday trading tips require a lot of hard work. Let discuss more technical research. Firstly you need to understand what technical research is:-

Technical research is the study of a technical chart formed by the movement of share price. with respect to time. There are various indicators that one needs to apply to do good technical research.

NSE has more then 1500 registered companies. When we track the performance of these companies. It is very important to keep a eye on its chart.The technical chart of the company shows the history of the performance of its share price. As a result its impression help a analyst to get the clear view of its price trend.Thus you will be able to correct analysis. And it will directly help you in making great profit. Technical research is of great importance in short term trading.

Indicator’s that are used for generating tips for intraday trading.

  • Accumulation/Distribution line.
  • Aroon Indicator.
  • Relative strength analysis.
  • On-Balance Volume.
  • Average Directional Index.
  • MACD.
  • Stochastic oscillator.

We like to use these indicator’s because it always works. Whenever we do technical research indicator’s are the most important part of it. As a result we generate best tips.

2)Fundamental Research.-

We do fundamental research in order to know whether the stock is over valued or under valued. It is mainly used in mid term trading and long term trading.In fundamental Analysis we usually focus on revenue and earning of the company.

3)Domestic market news. 

Market news brings a lot of volatility in the performance of the stock. It impacts the daily trading session. because it creates a view in the mind of the trader.

4)International market news.

5)Volatility of the Indian stock market.

6)Risk bearing capacity of individuals.

7)Trading strategies of a trader.

8)Rules for investing in day trading.

9)Strategy of asset allocation.

10)Policies of the government.


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