What is Share Market?


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Share market is a place where buying and selling of stocks take place. The market is divided into two parts Primary and secondary share market.

Primary Share Market

The primary market is the place where the amount is raised for the first time from the public. Mainly IPO’s are launched in Primary Market. IPO means initial public offerings. let’s understand it with the help of an example say there is a company A. Who wants to raise the fund of 100000 from the public for its work. So it will launch its IPO of 100000 in stock exchange from where the buyers will invest in it for the very first time

For launching an IPO in market companies go through the process designed by SEBI and Stock Exchange and full fill all the criteria’s in order to raise the funds from the public. It is one of the most important parts of the share market.

Secondary Market

Share Market’s most important part is the Secondary Market. Where the buying and selling of the stocks take place. This is the place where an investor and a trader need to put their focus on. Stock market trading is one of the most trending businesses nowadays many people want to invest in the stock market and want to make money on daily basis. let me explain to you in very simple words that how you can make money from the share market in India.

  • Buyers and sellers meet each other to buy and sell shares.
  • Buyer and sellers buy and sell the shares of the listed companies.
  • These companies and listed in NSE and BSE i.e National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange


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