What is Stock Market ?

What is Stock Market ?

Stock market is a place where buyers and sellers meet each other to buy and sell stocks. There was a time when Britisher’s use to rule India since that time trading was common in India. People from different villages and cities use to come to Kolkata and Mumbai for doing trading as it was a task of only a high-class society.
But nowadays trading is very common in India.
People love to trade in the cash market, stock derivatives market, and gold lover’s trade in the commodity market.

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Trading volume is raising continuously. In Stock Exchange trader’s on a large number are loving to trade in Nifty and bank nifty also.
Indian share market is the 10th largest stock exchange in the world called NSE. The full form of NSE is the National Stock Exchange.

Share market is also called as an exchange market, as when one buys another sell. There are different segments available in share market. Like equity cash, derivatives, commodity, currency. The derivative market is known as the index of nifty50 and bak nifty and future market. in the derivative market. 

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