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We, The Trade Bond deal in the complete equity segment. By Providing the trader with the best trading tips in this market. All these recommendations are focused on NSE.
In National Stock Exchange the main segments of Intrading trading are
1) Equity Cash Segment or you can say Stock cash segment
2) Equity Derivatives Segment i.e Stock Options segment and Stock Future segment.

Trade-in best stock options tips for Intraday in NSE with us. We provide daily recommendations in nse for trading. You can check out our Intraday tips for today nse by filling out the form and our executive will directly contact you.



For trading in the stock market mainly in stocks listed on NSE. A trader has to do complete research work. Firstly he has to do technical research. secondly, he has to focus on fundamental research. Thirdly he has to keep a complete track of Domestic market news. Most Importantly he has to keep an eye on the international market. Then only he would be able to book profit in intraday trading

Basis of research in NSE for intraday trading.

  1. Technical research – It is basically the study of charts and graphs formed by the price fluctuation of shares with respect to time. It is one of the most important bases for doing research for trading intraday. We make use of various Ichimoku, Volume Oscillator, MACD, etc.  
  2. Fundamental research: Is the study of the balance sheet of a company account of a company etc. which makes the company fundamentally strong. is known as fundamental research.
  3. Domestic Market News – It is very important to take care of every piece of news related to the stock market because a single can make a big move in the stock market


Which is very difficult for a normal trader to do. As a result, they end up booking loss in intraday. So, the better option is to work on intraday trading tips NSE. With the best equity research analyst. 

You can get completely framed tips for trading in NSE. these tips will be framed on the bases of the above-mentioned research work. As a result, we will book great profits.


Intraday calls today mean intraday tips for today in NSE. First of all, you have to decide. In which segment do you wish to trade. after that, you need to decide by what capital you will be treading in intraday with NSE. So that you may have a clear vision that in which segment you need calls for intraday.

  1. stock option intraday tips for NSE today
  2. stock future intraday tips for NSE today 
  3. stock cash intraday tips for NSE today

Intraday trading tips for Beginners 

if you are a beginner and wish to start your trading. then you should opt for completely framed intraday tips. We have also written articles on what is intraday trading? and how to trade in nifty and bank nifty? 

these articles will help you out in understanding more about intraday trading. You can also join us.

Intraday Jackpot Calls


If you are a beginner or you are a good trader then also sometimes you are in loss. Then our Researcher or our tips can help you to boom your profits. We give daily tips in NSE. In every segment of NSE.
There is nothing like jackpot calls. You can trade and book great profit by using the strategy of trailing stop loss.

Intraday tips for today in NSE – By The Trade Bond
It is not an easy task to generate tips. Firstly we have to take care of the Risk Ratio of the client. Then we have to create a suitability report for the client. through this suitability report. A client comes to know which segment is best suitable for him to make a trade-in Stock Market. Then We have to take care of his portfolio accordingly. Choosing the best segment for him.

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