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Intraday trading is basically for both retail investors and intraday traders. There lies a great opportunity to earn a lump sum amount of money. but there is some disadvantage of it that makes us suffer for capital loss so we have to be always alert for the same. In the stock market, there is more than 5000 stock listed in it. the point is how we can choose the right stock at the right time for investment. So the major question is What is Stock for today’s intraday and what are the best intraday trading tips and how we can choose it.

1)Chart Analysis

 Chart Analysis is the most valuable factor to consider. It provides a wider Opportunity to earn profit. Because with the help of chart analysis, most of the people make their own strategy that always helps to make low to high and high to low strategies.

a)High to low

In this strategy basically, we analyze that if stock continues going up or breaking 52 weeks high. So in intraday, there is always a good opportunity for selling the stock and make a good profit.

For Example



stock for today intraday

b)Low to High

In this strategy, we basically analyze that a stock continuously making downtrend of 52 weeks low making and after some time it is giving some pullbacks. So, in that case, it always gives a good opportunity to make a trade buying in intraday.

For Example

stock for today intraday

In chart analysis, there are some important factors you should follow that can help you to succeed. One should start studying some indicator and pattern studies. The most common indicator is


2)Moving Average


4)Bollinger Ban etc…

Also some patterns you should study for an example

1)XABCD Pattern or butterfly

2)Elliott Impulse

3)Head and sollder

4)Three drive patterns etc…

2)Fundamental News Analysis

Fundamental news analysis is the best factor that can give a high return in a very short time. Fundamental Research basically helps those traders who invest in the long term. but there is some news that can impact you on the same day and give you a win-win opportunity.

If you are that kind of trader who has long-term investment but also enjoys trading in intraday. So in this case, fundamentals can give you perfect return in intraday.

One has to follow Certains points before investing

a)Firstly choose a company which is performing excellent last 5 years then study their goals, decisions, and performance according to their sector.

b)Start studying their annual, quarterly, and half-yearly results and reports and check their cash flow statements, compound, growth rate report. Employs growth and sales.

c)Analysis of their news which is impacting on it good and bad both it can give you a vision about their decisions which can they take in future.


3)Index Analysis

Index Analysis is the most important factor that will help you to decide the perfect stock to enter. Because In Index Analysis we have to study indexes like Nifty50, bank nifty, nifty, etc there are some global indices that can give you an idea about India’s index upcoming movement like S/P Index, Nasdaq, Hang sang, Dow/ones, etc in index analysis.

We have to follow some facts like.

a)Always Choose Nifty Supportive Stock

In Nifty50 there are top 50 stocks listed in it try to trade only in it at the opening of the market find those stocks that are following the movement of nifty. because those stocks have more potential to give you the best return in order to give you the best returns in intraday.

b)Avoid trading in the consolidated market

As always we can see lots of time nifty’s movement very consolidate. It makes arrange and start moving in it the whole day its also called range bond market. And if we take any trade in these days our trade will get stuck in a range and that can give a capital loss.

c)Stocks that decide Nifty movement

Most of the time in the market there is some stock that holds high stakes in nifty50 they are fact like “stand in a storm” a single stock has enough potential to take nifty away and nifty run according to that stock so this kind of stock can give you good profit in the same day.

Intraday Trading Tips

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Top 10 Stocks to buy tomorrow

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NIFTY opens at 11540

SBI share price 

SBI share with an opening of 205.90 buying price at 204.75 cp target you can have of rs 206.80. sl at 203.75


Share buying 485 tgt 490 sl 482.


HCL buying price tgt 760 sl 745.



Opening with 198 high of 200 now makes a selling from 200 target 195 stoploss 202

The best Stock for today’s intrday is chosen depending on various parameters. As more than 5000 stocks are listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and more than 1665 stocks are listed in National Stock Exchange i.e NSE. Therefore the stock analyst applies various techniques to know about the best stock for intraday trading in their trading software. here are some great ways to choose the best stock for intraday trading.

Pick best trading software– The most common trading platform nowadays is KITE by Zerodha, Trade-Tiger by Sherkhan. There are many more used by a large number of traders to find their stock it is very important as is should be very user friendly and easily usable.

Top gainers and losers 

Commonly, new beginner’s in the stock market always choose to see the gainers and loser’s to get the best idea of the stock in trend on that day. The movement of the stocks is measured in percentages. It also involves other factors like market capitalization of the stock.

Stocks in News

Check out the news of the stock market news is one of the most important fundamental factors that affect the flow of the stock market. Example Baba Ramdev invested in Ruchi Soya and there was sudden hike in the share Price of Ruchi Soya.

International News

International news also has a great impact on the domestic Share market Because it is connected with the international currency market. Therefore reasons affecting the currency market i.e Forex and Iforex are also very important and should be taken care of. Eg COVID19 Pandemic of International News widely impacted markets of all countries.

Technical Parameter’s

Support and Resistance of the day of the particular stock which is chosen and other technical indicators formed in the stock on that particular day. There are many technical parameters to be taken care of while choosing a stock and even after choosing it. The most common technical indicators are Moving Average, RSI, Bollinger Band, etc.


Trading Volume of the stock represents the buying and selling forces that are driving the market in their directions. This is directly related to the demand and supply concept.

All this Technical and Fundamental Research is to be done in few minutes and we need to execute the trade and book the profit at the earliest as the trend of the market may change at any point in time. Hence a team is required to take care of all the facts before choosing the best stock for today’s intraday trading. 



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